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RuheGolf holds group golf clinics/events at Cherokee Golf Center. These group sessions focus on a variety of topics.  Lessons are held on the driving range, putting green and par 3 golf course. Group golf lessons are a great way to learn about fundamentals and specific shot types at an affordable rate. Join Heather, along with others, as you develop some amazing golf skills. Get detailed instruction, groove your swing, laugh and meet new friends!

Total Game Improvement: Putting, Short Game & Full Swing

This clinic will start with putting, move away from the green and finish with the full swing, creating a solid foundation of one of the RuheGolf's "core components" of golf . You will be taught how your putting and short game relate to your full swing. This class is a great way to improve your total game or simply get a better understanding of what to achieve at impact.  This is your time to better understand "golf's moment of truth". 

Eyeline GOLF Putting Clinic:  Putting Training Drills for Lower Scores
Are you stuck at the same scores after all your rounds?  Can’t seem to break 70, 80, 90 or EVEN 100?   It may be time to look at reducing strokes on the putting green.  If you make all of your three-footers, make your share of ten-footers and eliminate three-putts, your score will improve without adding one yard to you tee shots. We will analyze your current stroke and show you how to quickly improve it. Then together we will create a “road map” for putting success and introduce you to some awesome resources to help you achieve your goals.

Around the Green: Greenside Bunkers, Bump & Run, and Club Selection
The short game lesson will begin with an analysis of your current short game strokes and strategy around the green. Depending on your current skill level, you will be taught how to get the ball close to the hole. It is proven that most of your strokes are lost on and around the green, not in the full swing area. If you want a quick way to lower your score…this is the class for you!

Faults and Fixes: High Speed Video Analysis & Ball Flight Laws
Find out your personal best way to improve your full swing. The session includes video analysis featuring a high speed camera at 1/240 FPS and a swing improvement plan. Walk away with a game plan for improvement and understanding Golf’s “Ball Flight Laws” for proper self-correction. 

Taking Your Game to the Course: On-course Par 3 Challenge “Alignment, Focus & Creativity”
This clinic is all about closing the gap between time on the range and transitioning to the golf course. Learn how to utilize visualization skills into your game and control your “inner talk”. Learn proper targeting and how to get short game shots close to the hole. Let’s get creative with your game!

Quick Start to Golf Success: Beginning Golfer Introduction to FAST Track GOLF
RuheGolf USA’s system for teaching new and beginning golfers is the fastest and most efficient way for you to learn golf.  It’s also the most fun.  We’ll give you a glimpse into our FAST Track Golf Program and show you the 3 Core Components of golf mechanics to jump start your success into the game. 


SLICE GOLF SURVIVAL: Understanding the Slice & Ways to Manage the Banana Ball 

Have you been slicing the ball longer than you can remember?  Want to find a way to manage this yardage reducing monster?  Join us for survival training as we get to the real reasons behind your dreaded slice.  We don’t promise to eliminate it in this one clinic, but we will arm you with the right tools and knowledge for survival.  Pre-requisite for this event: A nasty slice, a sense of Humor & Your “Weapon, Driver” of your choice.           

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