Frequently Asked Questions


Should I take golf lessons?

Every individual is different when it comes to learning new skills.  There are plenty of great YouTube videos, golf instructional books and golf channel training programs that are readily available for curious golfers.  We encourage everyone to keep their eyes and ears open to good information.  There is plenty out there for everyone.  Golf lessons with a PGA professional allow you to understand what applies to you, your body type, athletic ability and time frame. At RuheGolf, USA, we don't have a one size fits all method as we all are built differently and have different learning styles.

What we do is help provide a specific game plan tailored to your goals.  That's right!  We work as a team in the development of your golf game.   Click here to schedule your assesment at our Woodstock, Georgia location. 

I never played golf before and I'm afraid of embarrasing myself.  Should I come out and try one of your programs?

We understand that golf can be a bit intimidating.  We started programs that allow freedom to learn and play golf at your own pace in friendly environments.   Golf is fun and sometimes a little "awkward and weird".  The important thing to remember is that we are here to help with smiles and encouragement.  

Do I need golf equipment?

We provide golf equipment for first time players and those that have not decided on making a committment yet to the game.  If you have equipment you are borrowing from a friend or family member, please bring it with you to your first session.  That way we can help you determine if it fits you properly. We encourage all players to play with properly fitted golf equipment and recommend it for everyone that wants to enhance their enjoyment of the game.  

What should I wear to play or take a lesson?

We recommend comfortable clothes.  Most of our facilities are pretty laid back and do not require "formal golf attire".  We will let you know if one of our leagues has a dress code policy.  For the most part, athetic wear, golf shirt and tennis shoes will be just fine for lessons.  Eventually you will want to purchase golf shoes, but it is not a requirement.  You just might find better balance and stabiity in golf shoes in wet conditions and on hills.  We do encourage everyone to wear SUNSCREEN and hats especially in the spring and summer!  

What if I have been playing for a long time and never had a lesson, are you going to change my swing completely?

We only change things that matter.  We base our instruction on improving skills rather than just putting you into "picture perfect" positions.  The whole point of golf is to advance the ball in the direction of the destination.  What we do at RuheGolf is make sure that you can get to your destination efficiently and improve your skills in a progressive athletic manner.  


At what age should I start my junior golfer

As a parent you have a wonderful opportunity to get your kids started on the right path in golf.  We know that every kid is different.  The important thing is to make sure that your child is devleoping the proper coordination and learning skills to advance in any future athletic endeavor.  We feel that the athletic process is no different than the academic process. We encourage parents to bring kids out to the range and have them hit balls (with properly sized clubs) as soon as they show interest.   Most of our golf camp we begin junior golfers at 6 years of age. 

In our Pee Wee Program, Parent-Child Golf Clinics are provided for juniors under 6. Here we instruct the Parent to properly set up youth for future success and fun practice sessions.   We also offer a mini golf camp for kids ages 5 to 7 where we have a modified 3 day camp just for kids of this age.   

How do I identify the correct camp level for my junior golfer?

CAMP LEVELS:  Camp levels are divided up into levels and ages.  Beginner camps are designed for first time campers and golfers.  Beginner/Intermediate camps are designed for players who have had previous golfing or golf camp experience.  Intermediate/Advance combine skills for junior golfers who've been playing golf on the course and include on course play on improving scores.  

Beginner:  3-Day Beginner Golf Camp is the ideal opportunity for junior golfers with little or no experience to  be introduced to golf and enhance their skills. There will be 3 hours of instruction covering basic swing fundamentals, short game, rules and etiquette.  On course activities will include how to play, where to stand and focus on “smileys”. Smileys count “good hits” rather than focus on score.  The juniors will emerge with the knowledge and confidence to progress to play golf on a course. 

Intermediate:  3-Day Intermediate Camps with an emphasis on improving  golf skills through   individual drills, on course activities focus on learning to play on the course based on the ability of the junior.  The intermediate classes combine fun and improvement to build confidence towards social junior golf leagues or competitive tournament play.    Perfect for juniors with  previous lesson and camp experience and those who have played golf on a course.

Advanced:  3-Day Advanced camps are for experienced juniors entering competition or looking to compete on golf teams.  Emphasis is on creating effective practice routines , golf psychology and temperament/course management.  In addition, video swing analysis is more in depth to meet the needs of these competitive players.  This is great for juniors that strive for tournament play as individuals and in team competitions with their schools. 

*Course classes are limited in size.  All classes will have strict individualized attention to make sure juniors receive the proper level instruction for their capability. If you have questions concerning where to place your junior camper, please contact us.

Fun Facts About RuheGolf, USA

  • Ruhe is of German origin.  English words associate with Ruhe are quiet, peaceful, calm, tranquility and serene.  Although sometimes golf can drive any golfer crazy, we know golf presents an opportunity to get away from the hazards of every day life.
  • PGA Professional Heather A. Ruhe picked up her first golf club at her Grandpa Jay's on Easter Sunday.  Her Grandma Hoot set up mayonnaise jar lids for holes in their backyard for all the grandkids to play.  Heather didn't formally begin playing golf until age 13.  Her first day of work in the golf business was on the day of her 13th birthday at Hawthorne Hills Country Club in Lima, Ohio.  
  • Heather had many nicknames playing competitive sports growing up.  Out of which, the Ruhe last name was often pronounced "Roo".   Thus, led to the nickname ROOSTER. The overwhelming drive to wake and play golf seemed fitting as we decided on a company logo.  We hope to instill that same passion of golf for others through our golf educational programs and leagues.

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