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By: RuheGolf, USA

CAMP LEVELS: Camp levels are divided up into ability and ages.

Pee Wee & Beginner: An ideal opportunity for junior golfers with little or no experience to be introduced to golf and enhance their skills. There will be 3 hours of instruction covering basic swing fundamentals, short game, rules and etiquette. On course activities will include how to play, where to stand and focus on earning tickets for completing camp goals based on individual ability. The Raffle Tickets are awarded for progress rather than focusing solely on score. The juniors will emerge with the knowledge and confidence to progress to play golf on a course.

Beginner/ Intermediate: combo camps are designed for players who have had previous golfing or golf camp experience. . Camps emphasize all around game improvement with individual drills, on course activities based on the ability of the junior. Improvement builds confidence towards social junior golf leagues or competitive tournament play. Perfect for juniors with previous lesson and camp experience and those who have played golf on a course.  

5 Day Golf Camps: 5 Day Camps combine learning experience & two additional play days. Camp focuses on core fundamentals, creating good practice routines and golf course management with our PGA Director of Instruction and coaching staff. Campers will practice what theyâ??ve learned & then play a 9-hole tournament the last two days at Cherokee Golf Center. Pairings are broken up into age and skill set in various team formats.

Performance Coaching Series & Team Programs: These coaching sessions are intended for juniors who are serious about the game and improving their golf skills.   Goal setting, accountability and mindset are often discussed during these sessions.

*Course classes are limited in size. All classes will have strict individualized attention to make sure juniors receive the proper level instruction for their capability. If you have questions concerning where to place your junior camper, please contact us at heather@ruhegolf.com or give us a call at 770.899.4497.

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